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othman-july 15Dr. Maha Othman, MD,  MSc, PhD

Associate Professor: Queens University, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Queen’s Profile)

Professor: School of Baccalaureate Nursing, St. Lawrence College, (Laurentian University/SLC Collaborative BScN Program), Kingston, Ontario, Canada (SLC Profile)



MD Mansoura University, Egypt, Nov 1990

MSc in Clinical Pathology (Haematology), Mansoura University, Egypt, May 1995

PhD in Pathology, Southampton University, Southampton, UK, July 2003

Previous Training/Positions:

Postdoctoral training at Dr. David Lillicrap’s research Lab, Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Oct 2003-Feb 2005.

Senior Research Associate, Dr. David Lillicrap ‘s group, Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.  Mar 2005-Aug 2009

Clinical training in Haematology/ Haemostasis (3 years residency), Mansoura University, Egypt

Research Interests:

Hemostasis has always been the most attractive area of research to me. Three major areas are the focus of my interests: Molecular genetics and diagnosis of Platelet type and type 2B Von Willebrand disease, Thromboelastography as a global haemostatic test in haematological and non haematological diseases and Platelet- adenovirus interactions. Specific research interests/ projects include:

Platelet type- von Willebrand disease (PT-VWD):

Mutations in the platelet GPIBA gene causing this rare autosomal dominant bleeding disorder. I have identified and characterized a novel mutation in the macroglycopeptide region of the GPIBA gene in three members of a British family with PT-VWD phenotype and  has coordinatd an international project for the differential identification between the two closely similar disorders type 2B and PT-VWD based on genetic analysis . The results of this project  is now published. For more info refer to

Thromobelastography (TEG) studies:

We have demonstrated a wide inter and intra individual variations in the TEG pattern in hemophilia A dogs. We have also shown that acute exercise improves the global hemostatic efficacy in those hemophilic animals as shown by the changes in their TEG patterns. We evaluated the role of thromboelastography as a sensitive hemostatic tool to monitor the rFVII treatment in hemophilia A dogs.We are also investigating the role of TEG in determining haemostatic abnormalities in two medical conditions: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and pre eclampsia. We are studying the TEG changes following inspiratory occlusion in anaesthetized rats to model OSA and also in LPS- treated pregnant rats to model pregnancy complication.

Platelet- adenovirus interactions

We investigated the mechanism of acute thrombocytopenia that follows adenovirus administration and approaches to prevent this adverse effect. We have demonstrated a novel expression of CAR on human platelets and a critical role for the platelet P-selectin and the VWF protein in mediating adenovirus induced platelet clearance and currently studying the detailed adenovirus/ platelet interactions (binding/ internalization) both in vitro using human platelets and in vivo using mice platelets.

Recent Publications:

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