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PT-VWD Project Full Results Now Published

Feb 9th 2011 PT-VWD project detailed results are now online:  Thrombosis and Hameostasis prepublished February 08, 2011 Frequency of Platelet type versus Type 2B von Willebrand Disease: An international registry-based study.  A. Hamilton (1), M. Ozelo (2), J. Leggo (3), C. Notley (3), H. Brown (3), J. P. Frontroth (4), A. Angelillo-Scherrer (5), F. Baghaei (6), M. S. […]


Final Data from the PT-VWD Project at ISTH-SSC Cairo May 2010

June 10th 2010 The final results from a three years project searching for the rare bleeding disorder PT-VWD in addition to Updates on the PT-VWD registry  were presented at the ISTH-56th SSC meeting in Cairo on May 24th 2010. The project is now finalized. The registry and search for the disease will continue. Publication is underway. 


PT-VWD Registry and Worldwide Survey to be Discussed at the ISTH SSC- VWF Meeting

July 10th 09 The PT-VWD registry and results from a worldwide survey will be discussed at the Von Willebrand Factor  SSC- bussiness session on Sunday July 12th 09  at 9:30- 12:00 , room 109 AB, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA. This occurs as a part of the XXII Congress and the 55th Meeting of the Scientific and Standardization Committee […]


Canadian PT-VWD project Update at ISTH July 2009

April 30th 2009 Progress and update from the Canadian PT-VWD project will be discussed in the von Willebrand Disease oral Session at  ISTH July 2009. Title:  CANADIAN PLATELET-TYPE VON WILLEBRAND DISEASE (PT-VWD) PROJECT: PROGRESS AND UPDATE Programme Number: OC-WE-134 Session Title: von Willebrand Disease Session Date and Time: Wednesday July 15 – 4:00PM – […]


Results from PT-VWD Project Reported to ISTH-SSC on VWF, Vienna July 2008

October 26 2008 Data from the Canadian PT-VWD project was presented in the ISTH-SSC meeting on VWD on July 3-4 as a part of Updates on VWD registries. Click here to see minutes from the meeting


Preleminary Data from the Canadian PT-VWD project Presented in World Federation of Hemophilia Congress-Istanbul June 1-6 2008

May 30 2008 Preleminary data from the Canadian PT-VWD project is presented in the WFH congress Istanbul 1-6 2008 For information click here


ISTH EQATH Program Distributes Information about the Canadian PT-VWD Project

April 16 2008  Through the ISTH EQATH, these participants have distributed information about the participation in the Canadian PT-VWD project: RCPA-QAP: Australia QMP-LS: Canada LEECH: Spain NASCOLA: United States


QMP-LS Distributes an Announcement Regarding the Canadian PT-VWD Project

March 15 2008 QMP-LS (Quality Mangament Program – Labaoratory Service) distributes an announcement regarding a project to investigate the occurrence of platelet type von Willebrand Disease (PT-VWD) and differential identification from the closely similar, type 2B VWD to laboratories performing von Willebrand investigations in Ontario, Canada


Hemophilia Today Announces Participation in PT-VWD Project and Funds Renewal

April 15 2008 Hemophilia Today Announces Participation in the Platelet Type VWD Project and Canadian Hemophilia Society approved second year funding in its Spring 2008 Edition, Vol. 2. Hemophilia Today is the official publicartion of the Canadian Hemophilia society. Click here for more information

Welcome to

Welcome to

June 12 2006 Dears The overall aim of the PT-VWD database/ registry project is to determine the frequency of this rare bleeding disorder in the world and to collect data about the molecular pathology, phenotype/ genotype correlations as well as treatment. Therefore, we invite you to complete a form that includes the main information in […]